How Will the NTDE Update Impact You?

We cherish our nation’s water resources for the vital role they play in our lives and livelihoods. At CO-OPS we understand that an update to the National Tidal Datum Epoch may mean something different for you than it does for others in your community. To learn more about how the update might impact a specific set of stakeholders, please click on a category to the right.

Please note that the examples provided may not be exhaustive, we acknowledge that datums can be used in many different ways. Our intent is simply to highlight key examples and not dictate how datums should be used.

The following regional operations and services will be impacted:

  • Coastal boundary definition between private and publicly owned lands.
  • Coastal habitat restoration.
  • Water level regulation, forecasting, and monitoring long-term sea level trends.
  • Coastal zone management and planning, including flood erosion predictions and response.
  • Coastal engineering and design for infrastructure projects related to transportation, power generation facilities.
  • Economic viability and safety of commercial and recreational navigation, including charts, ports, harbors, and dredging in navigation channels.
  • Coastal structure design, construction and maintenance.