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NOTICE: Data collected from 2017 and beyond are from United States Geological Survey (USGS) water level stations that are subject to NOAA's National Ocean Service (NOS) routine quality assurance procedures on a monthly basis with data available for the previous month. For access to the real-time data at this location visit USGS at:
NOTICE OF PROVISIONAL DATUM These datums and any data referred to said datum are PROVISIONAL and subject to revision until they have been thoroughly reviewed and received final approval. Subsequent review based on field inspections and additional measurements may result in revisions to the data and datums. Data users are cautioned to consider the conditional nature of this information before using it for critical decisions such as those that concern physical or public safety. Only after meeting all standards for quality control assurance will the datums be classified as Accepted Datums.
NOTICE: All data values are relative to the MLLW.

Elevations on Mean Lower Low Water

Status: Accepted (Aug 13 2018)
Units: Feet
Control Station: 8557380 Lewes, DE
T.M.: 0
Epoch: 1983-2001
Datum: MLLW
MHHW4.74Mean Higher-High Water
MHW4.35Mean High Water
MTL2.26Mean Tide Level
MSL2.34Mean Sea Level
DTL2.37Mean Diurnal Tide Level
MLW0.16Mean Low Water
MLLW0.00Mean Lower-Low Water
NAVD882.66North American Vertical Datum of 1988
STND2.66Station Datum
GT4.74Great Diurnal Range
MN4.19Mean Range of Tide
DHQ0.39Mean Diurnal High Water Inequality
DLQ0.16Mean Diurnal Low Water Inequality
HWI0.83Greenwich High Water Interval (in hours)
LWI7.06Greenwich Low Water Interval (in hours)
Max Tide7.20Highest Observed Tide
Max Tide Date & Time09/20/2017 01:18Highest Observed Tide Date & Time
Min Tide-1.79Lowest Observed Tide
Min Tide Date & Time03/15/2017 21:30Lowest Observed Tide Date & Time
HAT5.77Highest Astronomical Tide
HAT Date & Time06/23/1986 01:48HAT Date and Time
LAT-1.09Lowest Astronomical Tide
LAT Date & Time02/19/1992 07:42LAT Date and Time
Tidal Datum Analysis Periods
01/01/2017 - 12/31/2017

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