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Notice: We are experiencing a wide spread communication outage affecting the availability of water level and meteorological data for some of our stations, as well as several critical bridge clearance measurements. We are diligently working to resolve this data outage. Please direct all questions to or call (301) 713-2815.
Preliminary 6-Minute Water Level
2000-12-13 15:002019-04-19 04:54
Verified 6-Minute Water Level
1996-01-01 00:002019-04-01 23:54
Verified Hourly Height Water Level
1970-01-01 01:002019-04-01 23:00
Verified Daily Mean Water Level
1970-01-01 00:002019-03-31 00:00
Verified Monthly Mean Water Level
1970-01-01 00:002019-03-31 23:54

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