Mouth of the Black River, MI - Station ID: 9014090

Established:Jan 01, 1900
Time Meridian:75° W
Present Installation:Aug 04, 2000
Date Removed:N/A
Water Level Max (ref IGLD 1985):582.10 ft. Jul 19, 2020
Water Level Min (ref IGLD 1985)574.32 ft. Dec 20, 2012
Mean Range:N/A
Diurnal Range:N/A
Latitude42° 58.5' N
Longitude82° 25.1' W
NOAA Chart#:14852
Met Site Elevation:N/A
Tide predictions are not available for Great Lakes stations.
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Sensor Information

SensorSensor IDDCP#Sensor HeightStatus
Air TemperatureD1111.8 ft. above site Elevation Enabled
Barometric PressureF11593.0 ft. above MSL Enabled
SAE WLV11N/A Enabled
For questions about disabled sensors, please contact CO-OPS User Services.


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How to reach: To reach the NOS gauging station in Port Huron, St Clair County, mi, from the intersection of Huron Ave and Quay St, proceed east on Quay St for 0.20 mile (0.32 km) to the intersection with Merchant St, then proceed south on Merchant St for 0.05 mile (0.08 km) to the end of the street, turning right into the entrance of the waste water treatment facility. The bench mark network at this station is located around the station, down Merchant Street, and across the river down water street. The house is located in the back of the property adjacent to the treatment facility approximately 100 ft from the St. Clair river, address to station is 92 Merchant Street.

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